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Release of Episode 4 with Anie Rouleau

15 November, 2023 | Our podcast

Episode summary

In our fourth episode, "Anie Rouleau: Reducing Emissions Through Local Production," Elfi Morin engages in a compelling conversation with Anie Rouleau, the founder of The Unscented Company. They discuss the trajectory of Rouleau's career, marked by numerous accolades, as well as the inception and influence of her company, both locally and internationally.

A strong set of values

Rouleau prioritizes reducing greenhouse gas emissions in her business operations, a goal she achieves, in part, through local production. In their discussion, Anie and Elfi delve into how values like responsible sourcing and social consciousness can attract fresh talent, especially amidst the current challenging climate.

Towards the end, Anie explains why her company was one of the first to obtain one of our certification marks.

To find out more, watch the episode now!

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