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Release of Episode 11 with Isabelle Roy and David Côté

08 March, 2024 | Our podcast

In this episode, « Isabelle Roy, David Côté and local food production in Quebec », host Elfi is joined by David Côté, the visionary behind Loop, Crudescence, and Rise Kombucha, and Isabelle Roy, the driving force at Aliments du Québec.

They delve into the current state of local food production in Quebec and tackle the persistent myth surrounding the cost of local goods. David sheds light on LOOP's commitment to inspiring companies to adopt a circular economy model. Meanwhile, Isabelle and Elfi explore the paradox of declining food self-sufficiency despite a more knowledgeable consumer base.

The conversation also highlights the achievements of Aliments du Québec and its role in LOOP's strategic approach.

Tune in to this insightful episode!

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