Supporting our local economy and recognizing Quebec’s know-how

Supporting our local economy

To encourage the local economy, consumers are looking to buy more and more Quebec products. To promote this growing trend, the Quebec government has supported the creation of Les Produits du Québec, a non-profit organization (NPO). This organization aims to recognize and promote Quebec products.

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Les Produits du Québec is a non-profit organization that facilitates the purchase of products from Quebec by creating certification marks consumers can trust that guarantee and easily identify product origin.

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Program benefits

Les Produits du Québec certification marks make it easier for the public to identify Quebec products while also raising the profile of the work accomplished by people from around here.


By adopting Produits du Québec certification marks, your company and your products will enjoy increased exposure and awareness.


Les Produits du Québec certification marks are backed by a rigorous verification process that makes it easier for consumers to identify local products.

Business opportunities

Joining the Produits du Québec family of certification marks highlights your contribution to the Quebec economy and forges connections with emerging local suppliers.

Participating companies

Join the trend! Discover the certification marks of local companies.

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Answer three simple questions to discover which certification mark applies to your company and your products. Three certification marks have been established to make it easier to find products online and in-store: Product of Québec, Manufactured in Québec, and Designed in Québec.

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Have you reviewed the eligibility criteria and discovered that one of your products is eligible for a Produits du Québec certification mark? Apply to the program today and proudly showcase the origin of your products.

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