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To highlight and promote Quebec products, three distinctive certification marks were developed to make it easier to find products both online and in-store.

While they have similar objectives, Les Produits du Québec and Aliments du Québec certification marks are two different entities. The main difference? Our certification marks identify locally produced, manufactured, and designed non-food products, while Aliments du Québec's certification marks identify biofood products.

Product of Québec

A Product of Québec is a manufactured product in respect of which at least 85% of the direct costs related to the purchase of inputs, including raw materials, their processing, and assembly are incurred in Quebec. Moreover, the last substantial* transformation of the product must take place in Quebec.

Manufactured in Québec

A product is said to be Manufactured in Québec when the last substantial* transformation of the product occurs in Quebec.

Designed in Québec

A product Designed in Québec is a manufactured product in respect of which design staff is wholly situated in Quebec.

* Substantial transformation means a basic change, usually through a treatment or manufacturing process, in terms of function, character, or nature that gives the product its specific characteristics.

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Verification steps

A rigorous process for a trusted certification mark that inspires confidence.



Register on our website and submit your products, product groups, and associated supporting documents.

You can complete your application across several sessions instead of all at once if you will be submitting a significant number of products for verification.

No product limits, no additional fees.



A compliance officer will contact you to begin the verification process. This step is necessary to determine if each registered product is eligible for a Produits du Québec certification mark.

Processing times vary depending on the number of products submitted and their complexity. For example, a product with several inputs and supporting documents will take longer to process than a product with fewer inputs and supporting documents.



Product eligibility will be confirmed by email once the compliance officer has completed the verification stage.

In the interest of fairness, we will validate all registered companies operating in the same industry before proceeding to others during the launch period.


Set up

A listing will be created on our website with your company's details.

We encourage you to proudly display verified certification mark(s) logos in-store and online. Doing so will help you stand out and make it easier for consumers to identify your products.

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Annual program enrollment fees have been established for different companies and are adjusted according to a company's annual revenue. Program enrollment is valid for one year and fees are fixed, regardless of the number of products submitted. You may therefore register as many products as you wish at no additional cost.

Les Produits du Québec fee schedule

Business revenue Annual fee
$0—$100,000 $250
$100,001—$500,000 $500
$500,001—$2,000,000 $1,000
$2,000,001—$5,000,000 $2,500
$5,000,001—$10,000,000 $4,000
$10,000,001—$50,000,000 $7,000
$50,000,001 and more $10,000

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Proudly showcase the origin of your products and respond to the public’s desire to buy local.

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