Frequently Asked Questions

Les Produits du Québec is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the purchase of products from Quebec by creating a certification that acts as a benchmark of confidence and guarantees the origin of products.

Les Produits du Québec targets consumers and businesses to encourage the purchase of products from Quebec by making them easier to find.

Any manufactured product intended for sale that meets the outlined requirements will be eligible for the certification marks, except for agricultural food products and alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages intended for human consumption. Products that may pose a health hazard or offend public morality like drugs (including cannabis), tobacco, gambling products, sexual or pornographic products and products that promote violence (weapons, ammunition) are not eligible for Produits du Québec certification marks.

Les Produits du Québec is an organization that recognizes and promotes Quebec products, making them easier to find online and in-store, thanks to a distinctive certification mark. In contrast, Le Panier Bleu is an e-commerce website where Quebec retailers can sell their products. Certified products can be found on Le Panier Bleu and will bear one of the three Produits du Québec certification marks.

No. A manufacturer does not have to exclusively produce products made in Quebec to be eligible. However, only products that meet the eligibility criteria can be certified.

No. However, a retailer can promote products from their manufacturers that have obtained a Produits du Québec certification mark.

Certification marks make it easier to identify Quebec products and guarantee their origin.

Processing times vary depending on the number of products submitted and their complexity. For example, a product with several inputs and supporting documents will take longer to process than a product with few inputs and supporting documents.

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