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Release of Episode 3 with Stéphane Drouin

07 November, 2023 | Our podcast

Episode summary

Join us in our third episode, "Stéphane Drouin and the Challenges of Local Production," as Elfi Morin engages in a dynamic and insightful conversation with Stéphane Drouin, Vice-President of Québec Purchasing and Economic Development at Investissement Québec. Stéphane, a true entrepreneur, is renowned for his enthusiasm for promoting local production. In this interview, he and Elfi delve into how supporting local businesses fosters growth and the hurdles they face.

The importance and challenges of local production

They address specific issues, such as the complexities of foreign sourcing, the container crisis, and the unique production challenges in Quebec. Despite the obstacles inherent in local production, Stéphane elaborates on the significance of collaborating with Quebec suppliers to attain greater production autonomy.


To discover more about this enlightening conversation, be sure to watch the full episode!

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