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Our Approved Products page is now online!

19 December, 2023 | Our website

You can find verified products from our member companies in the Approved Products section of our website. That's over 50,000 products across nearly 20 categories! Check back often, as our team adds new products every day.

At Les Produits du Québec, we work with our member companies to make their experience easier. That's why we offer support throughout the membership process. To obtain any of our certification marks, companies must submit their products to a rigorous verification process, providing information and supporting documents. Why do we do this? To ensure that the products truly meet the eligibility criteria defined for each of our marks.

Our three certification marks

Product of Québec: A Product of Québec is a manufactured product in respect of which at least 85% of the direct costs related to the purchase of inputs, including raw materials, their processing, and assembly are incurred in Quebec. Moreover, the last substantial* transformation of the product must take place in Quebec.

Manufactured in Québec: A product is said to be Manufactured in Québec when the last substantial* transformation of the product occurs in Quebec.

Designed in Québec: A product Designed in Québec is a manufactured product in respect of which design staff is wholly situated in Quebec.

* Substantial transformation means a basic change, usually through a treatment or manufacturing process, in terms of function, character, or nature that gives the product its specific characteristics.

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