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Halloween in Our Signature Style

02 November, 2023 | Favorite products

Uncover Stained Glass Pumpkin Creations by Heart of Stained Glass!

As Halloween nears, the atmosphere fills with a sense of thrill and magic. Looking for unique decor ideas to embellish your home? Look no further than these intricately crafted stained-glass pumpkins from Montreal. They promise to imbue your surroundings with an irresistible autumnal allure. Available in a variety of designs and a plethora of vibrant colours, there's something to enchant everyone!


These exceptional art pieces are the result of the creativity and passion of Isabelle Raymond, a dedicated and skilled designer and stained-glass artisan. She established Heart of Stained Glass in 2021. Each stained-glass item is carefully constructed to tell its own unique tale through the harmonious blend of varied colours, opacities, and textures. Besides pumpkins, the company also offers an impressive array of equally remarkable designs.

If you have an affinity for stained glass, explore our website's Approved Products section to uncover thousands of items that have earned one of our prestigious certification marks across nearly 20 different sectors. Our member companies offer a rich assortment of Quebec-made products, available year-round!

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