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A pioneering study conducted by Les Produits du Québec and AppEco

22 January, 2024 | Local purchases

With a focus on enhancing our understanding and reaffirming our role as a leader in local purchasing, Les Produits du Québec, in collaboration with AppEco, recently conducted a detailed study. This important research delves into the economic and environmental benefits of choosing non-food products certified by us.

We meticulously analyzed 252 SKUs across nine selected Les Produits du Québec products, comparing each with two competing products to provide a comprehensive view.

The results are both enlightening and encouraging!

Our study reveals that products with the Les Produits du Québec certification significantly outperform imported alternatives in terms of positive impact. When you choose a local product, you contribute to:

  • Generate 7.6 times more pre-tax profits
  • Generate 3.8 times more GDP
  • Support 3.5 times more full-time equivalent jobs
  • Generate 2.8 times greater impact in terms of work-related income
  • Avoid generating an average of 34% more GHGs.

These findings highlight the substantial benefits of choosing locally certified products.The report also allows us to observe the real impact of each local product purchased :

 Curious to learn more? For an in-depth look and detailed results for each product category, download our full study now!

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