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Jean Coutu

Retailer owner private label

245 Rue Jean Coutu, Varennes, Québec, CA, J3X 1P7
From the outset, the Jean Coutu network has consistently adapted to emerging market dynamics to meet customer demands while maintaining its position as an industry leader. Through time and strategic acquisitions, the Jean Coutu brand has adeptly kept up with pharmacy practices and retail management shifts. Consequently, its innovative and daring initiatives have secured an admirable foothold across various commercial and industrial domains, leaving a significant imprint on North American and global markets. Beyond its commercial success, the Jean Coutu brand holds a special place in the hearts of Quebecers, as evidenced by its enduring high rankings in prestigious assessments. Presently, Jean Coutu pharmacies stand as community hubs, symbolizing the deep connection between its healthcare experts and the neighbourhoods they serve.

Jean Coutu and Les Produits du Québec

Jean Coutu has been a retail partner of the Les Produits du Québec program since December 2022, while some products in their Personnelle range have obtained the Designed in Québec certification mark, others have obtained the Manufactured in Québec certification mark.

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