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Boutique la Vie en Rose inc.

Retailer owner private label

3055 RUE VIAU , Montréal, Québec, CA, H1V 3J5
La Vie en Rose came to life in 1985. The company has established itself as the undisputed Canadian leader in the field of lingerie and swimwear after its acquisition in 1996 by François Roberge. Since 2004, it has experienced a meteoric international expansion, with nearly 400 stores across 20 countries.

La Vie en Rose celebrates femininity. The company provides affordable, high-quality products that both reflect reality and redefine comfort. The process of shopping for lingerie, swimwear and sleepwear thus becomes a simple and fun experience, allowing customers to express themselves freely. The brand is aimed at all women, encouraging the expression of desires and the breaking of taboos, with a constant commitment to its consumers.

As a major player in Quebec fashion, La Vie en Rose is aware of the challenges of the industry and strives to give a new dimension to its eco-responsible vision. How? Specifically, this is achieved through collections crafted from organic or recycled fibres, coupled with eco-friendly packaging practices that include repurposing cardboard from received merchandise boxes. The company demonstrates its social commitment by responsibly collecting and repurposing used bras or ensuring their proper disposal. Additionally, it actively engages with the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve community, where its headquarters are situated, by contributing to local initiatives and giving back to the community.

Every gesture counts, and it is in this spirit that François Roberge created the Roses of Hope Foundation in 2002. Its mission is to financially support organizations dedicated to fostering community well-being and promoting environmental conservation. Year after year, the Foundation donates no less than $450,000 to support various initiatives across Canada, including breast cancer research and nature conservation. Thus, La Vie en Rose positions itself not only as a leader in the sector, but also as a committed and responsible player at the service of the community.

La Vie en Rose and Les Produits du Québec

La Vie en Rose has been a retail partner of the Les Produits du Québec program since September 2022, where its clothing obtained the Designed in Québec certification mark.

"La Vie en Rose is a proudly Quebec-based company. All our products are imagined and designed by our designers from our head office located in Montreal, and our origin is part of our DNA. Supporting and encouraging local talent, but above all, using our visibility to make it shine, is a priority for us, because it is together that we are able to really move forward." 

- François Roberge, President and CEO

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