Terms of Service

Les Produits du Québec recognizes the importance of providing a website that is inclusive and accessible to all. Therefore, the organization is committed to ensuring that its website is accessible to all visitors.

Web accessibility allows individuals with various difficulties to access information, overcoming technical barriers to facilitate navigation on the website.

Government Standards

This website has been designed in accordance with the Standard sur l’accessibilité des sites Web du gouvernement du Québec (only available in French).

Applying the Standards

The website is supported by a content management system that facilitates the widespread application of several compliance elements. For example, the use of templates and style sheets that ensure the formatting and structure of content complies with the Standard.

Icon descriptions

Icons used to facilitate navigation are listed below:


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If you require assistance browsing the website or cannot access some content while using assistive technology, we invite you to contact us by email at [email protected].

Website improvement

The website Les Produits du Québec was realized by the web agency L’Effet Monstre. We are committed to complying with the Standard sur l’accessibilité des sites Web du gouvernement du Québec. Any individual wishing to navigate a website should be able to do so without encountering difficulties.

However, if you experience difficulties browsing or accessing content, please contact us at [email protected].